About Us


Hill’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce Mission is to offer the highest quality and value in its authentic jerk sauce and products. Consumers are looking for authentic products, real down home Jamaican jerk sauce filled with the best natural ingredients and we have created that long awaiting product.

Our Approach

Delivering high quality products that sets themselves apart from the others in taste and value.

Our Story

Hill’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce has been in business since May 2016 and has grown in popularity. What was once a business targeting solely clientele in Nova Scotia has grown into a business that has far broader appeal.

Jamaican Jerk Sauce is derived from African ancestry and has adapted and modified over hundreds of years as various cultures added their influence. It is now being made in Nova Scotia, Canada and everybody who comes across Hill’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce loves it, either on their chicken, pork, lamb, fish or vegetables.

Our sauce is what has been missing on the shelves, it meets people’s needs for authenticity and health. It is made from natural ingredients that have been sourced in both North America and Jamaica.

As Paul likes to say, he is bring home, home.

Meet the Owner

Paul Hill was born a raised in Montego Bay, Jamaica, moved to Canada in 1994 and has been in the Food & Beverage industry for over 20yrs. He believes in delivering premium quality products made with fresh ingredients that people will absolutely love. Paul loves to interact with his customers when conducting food demos and giving cooking tips on the best ways to use his products for best results. Delivering quality products and customer satisfaction are his main focus.

Paul Hill